Zero Carb Challenge

This 21 day meal plan is a carnivore style approach and when we say zero carbs we mean it. This challenge will get you looking your best! 

What’s Included:


Male and Female Meal Plan

The 21 day plan has calories set for both male and female participants with macros included. 


Most Recent Winners!


Welcome Guide

Start off on the right foot with common questions answered and explained.


Weight Tracker

Weight tracker will keep you accountable and allow you to track your measurements and weight all while helping you stay consistent.


Private Facebook Group

Having a support group is always a great way to set yourself up for success. Ask questions and get feedback throughout your 21 day journey. 

Check out these past challenge transformations!

Yes, these are all in only 21 days of hard work and zero carbs!

HOLY MOLY did I enjoy this challenge. I was a straight up sugar addict and this really helped me combat the addiction. My sleep has improved and I even lost 10lbs. These 21 days were a breeze thanks to the plan provided.  Looking forward to more challenges. 

Past Participant

Thank you so much! It blows my mind how cutting carbs for just 3 weeks changes things, not only how my clothes fit but cravings are gone. Except for tacos, I still crave those. Lol Here are my before photos…jeans were tight, shirt was tight, everything was tight. Lol Thank you again!

Past Participant

Dude! Thank you SO much for this amazing challenge! I am legit amazed by my results and I have you to thank for the guidance, inspiration, and motivation. Here are my results…this short was really tight in my before photos and now it’s too loose. Good problem! Lol In the second photo, I pulled it tight so you can see the weight I’ve lost. Woot woot!!!

Past Participant

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

How long is the challenge for?

The challenge is for 21 days starting on October 1st and ending on October 21st. Winners will be selected at the end of October and an email will be sent to the winners before anything will be posted.

Is this like the carnivore diet?

This challenge is similar to the carnivore diet however it is not as extreme as nose-to-tail carnivore and you wont be eating anything like organ meat or crazy items. It is just a zero carb approach and we are not trying to “convert” you into eating the carnivore diet, this is just for a jumpstart or a boost to your current keto lifestyle. 

Are there any veggies included?

Since it is zero carbs there is no vegetables included. However with the past challenges we have found this has not effected gut health since it is a short challenge. However if you want to take a fiber supplement that is perfectly fine!

Is it really zero carbs?

For the plan there is some items that have trace amount of carbs in it for example eggs have 0.4 grams of carbs. To make sure there is enough variety ideally we would want you to consume no more than 5-10g of total carbs to see the best results. We understand that some people just love heavy cream in their coffee so don’t feel like you have to sacrafice everything but remember it is only for 21 days.

Is a meal plan and macros included?

YES! There is a meal plan for men and a meal plan for females. The plan is not customized however there is an average amount of calories and each day will give you the amount of daily calories. While the meal plan is not customized if there is anything you think you need changed you can email us at and we can try to make the accomidatiions for you. We just want you to succeed!

Can anyone do this challenge?

This challenge is open to anyone that wants to partipiate, however for the prizes they can only be shipped to individuals in the United States, however this is why we have a cash prize too to allow anyone to win.

Even though the Official Challenge is over, start with the zero carb meal plan discounted from $57 to now $40 Dollars for 24 Hours Only!

Meet Coach Nick!

“I will be here with you every step of the way guiding and answering questions whenever I can. My custom plans have helped thousands of people just like you and I know it will change your life too.”