If you are looking into starting keto but don’t know where to begin? Look no further! I created a full day of eating keto with full macros.

Below is a typical day on keto with the macros set for you.


Start the day off with a sound breakfast. This breakfast option should not take you long to make and if you are in a hurry you can make the eggs and bacon the night before and just heat them up in the morning. What is important with keto is to get quality foods just as much as getting in the calories and ratios that you need. Opt for range free eggs and uncured bacon no sugar added.

Lunch and Dinner

Lunch and dinner can be prepared the night before. All you have to do is make the meals and put them in a meal prep container and bring with you. It is best to have all your foods planned the day before and log them into an app like Carb Manager or MyFitnessPal to know exactly what you are getting in the day before.

Snack Option

For the snack option this can help crave your need for something sweet. Opt for 86% or higher dark chocolate with no sugar added.

And there you go, a sample day that you can just implementing right away! This calorie range would be best for a female thats weight range is from 160-220 lbs.

Want a more guided approach and want a meal plan that is set for your individual macros, lets start you on the nine week customized meal plan! We would love help you achieve your weight loss goals!