Customized Twelve Week Meal Plan



This plan is ideal for those wanting a better long term lifestyle change which allows your body to adapt to living a ketogenic lifestyle. This plan includes three phases to maximize results.

In this plan, you will receive three different sets of macros for each month increment. Your customized meal plan and food options will adjust each month as well to allow you to maximize your results! Similar to our nine-week meal plan, the plan is customized to you based upon your responses on our questionnaire. Customization occurs by calculating macros/calories based upon current weight to help you reach your identified goals. We can tailor the meal plan for any dietary restrictions, as well as OMAD (one meal a day) and/or IF (intermittent fasting). Again, this meal plan follows our goal of utilizing simple meals to achieve maximum results!

If you want to make a lasting change this plan is for you!

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