With all the online calculators out there, how do you know you are getting the most accurate calorie count for your individual needs? The main issue with online macro calculators is that they don’t have what is most important, someone personally crafting it for you. These types of calculators generalize their calculations without considering the individual. They give a computed calculation that is not personalized for your individualized needs.

This is where the personalized macros are different. We will ask you a series of 15 questions to help give an accurate overview of the ratio of fats, proteins and carbs to have, as well as your daily calorie range.

The standard ketogenic diet ratio is 75% fats, 20% proteins and 5% carbs; however, everyone’s calorie needs are slightly different. Let me give you that individualized touch that you need to maximize your results!

You made a great decision and we cannot wait to see your results!

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Set yourself up for great success! Use the 30 minutes to ask questions, pick coach Nick's brain and learn a little more about how this keto plan will work for you.

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