I’m sure a lot of you have noticed I’ve been promoting a company called Keto Farms lately. Why?! Because I absolutely love the product, every single one of them! I’m sure you have noticed there are tons of Keto friendly snacks many of which aren’t really that healthy for you. Keto Farms products are actually made with the most cleanest ingredients which is why I have grown such a liking to them and have made them my on the go Keto snack.

It’s not just me who is so in love with this product, here is a review I took from the companies website. If you also do your research at Keto Farms, you’ll see that anyone who has tried them feels the same way! 

“Keto farms snacks represent the perfect macronutrient ratio for those following a ketogenic lifestyle. They are not just a “low carb” snack, but include the best healthy fats- including sprouted nuts and MCT oil. So many “keto-friendly” snacks are highly processed and loaded with junk. The Keto Farms products are literally the exact opposite; they are the highest quality ingredients and perfect balance of carbs, protein, and fats. Keto Farms products MUST be on your go-to list if you want to stay health and fat-fueled with the best, most clean ingredients” 

For the snack mixes there are three different kinds:

Tomato Pepper jack  
-tangy grape tomatoes
-spicy pepper jack 
-sprouted almonds and walnuts 

Raspberry Gouda 
-tart red raspberries 
-rich, buttery Gouda cheese 
-sprouted almonds and walnuts 

Strawberry Gouda 
-sweet summer strawberries 
-rich, buttery Gouda cheese 
-sprouted almonds and pecans 

Heaven right! You can buy them on their own or order a variety pack so you can experience and the flavours- these will not disappoint you!

There’s even Keto Beverages.

These are so great for everyone who’s on the go and don’t want to carry around cartons and creams and sticks of butter. The two blends are:

Keto Coffee
Instant coffee with the healthy fat from Grass-fed butter, Coconut and MCT oil + a hint of Vanilla 

Keto Matcha
Organic Ceremonial Matcha with heathy fat from Grass-fed butter, Coconut and MCT oil + a hint of Vanilla 

If you’ve been watching my stories you’ve seen me enjoy these almost daily. They are that good, the best part about any of this is they are SO convenient. On my busy days they solve breakfast, when I’m snacking I’m still eating clean and because they are balanced with healthy nutrients and electrolytes I feel great about eating them! 

One other aspect I love is the owners of the company behind the coffee,
Ben and Brandon. They are so friendly to talk to and really get to know their customers. I have had no problems when I reach out to them on their Instagram @ketofarms and they are always quick to respond!

An added bonus: They stand behind their products with a full money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose by trying them.
Even better you’ll also save 10% by using my code KETOELITE.

I know you’re going to love them and let me know what you think after you try them!!!