Have you ever had one of those anxious moments where you have an overwhelming urge to make change but just feel stuck because you don’t know where to start. Have you ever needed to get somewhere but have no real direction of where you are going and have gotten lost. You finally figure it out – or you don’t and realize how much easier things would be if you had a plan, steps to succeed, directions. Somewhere to start, a path to follow, accountability to keep you on track and a guide to get you to where you want to be. Have you also experienced those times when you were really ready to make that change- when you were ready to make a plan but got so overwhelmed with life that all your goals seemed to be put on the back burner. You kept telling yourself Monday-Monday- Monday and the next thing you know a month has gone by. You still want it yet your still not sure how to start. What if you could just start tomorrow. What if a plan was
made for you that was almost foolproof as long as you followed the directions. What if it would save you all the times you got lost, all the times you felt you didn’t know where to start because the beginning was mapped out for you. Would you do it, would you be ready to make the commitment to yourself to just get it done- to get to where you want to go. There’s a reason you’ve read this far, your curious. You’ve heard so much about a ketogenic diet, you’ve seen all the before and after pictures, you know your allowed to eat bacon. You’ve heard about the countless health benefits. Regardless of what sparked your interest. Something has brought you to this page. You’re interested in trying something new, you are ready for a change. Are you ready to start tomorrow? I wasn’t but something told me I should.

So you’re ready to commit you have decided you’re going to do this- finally! You’re so enthusiastic your plan is on its way, now what? Right now is probably the most crucial time to set your self up for success. Yes the meal plan is going to guide you- yes you really want to make change so shouldn’t it just be that easy? Maybe if you are one of those people that are just going to succeed, I can’t tell you how jealous I am! But for most we still need to follow a plan. Here’s how to prep yourself to start. Get a journal start writhing things down. Why your starting, what your goal is, what’s gotten you to this point, what do you like about yourself now, what do you hope to change, what are your measurements ( it’s very important to measure yourself and take progress pictures ) you get this just of why this little Keto diary becomes important. Now thinking ahead to you meal prep, do you have a food scale, Tupperware, a lunch kit if you don’t head to Walmart ( almost like back to school shopping this part is fun ) Another helpful tip is talk about what your going to be doing with the people who are close to you and that will offer you support. There’s nothing worse than someone trying to feed you candies and not give you the support you need.
This is where we come in, we give you constant support and give you the success you need. Lets get you started in the right direction, you have the motivation to start, now lets just get you going!