Just because you’ve committed to Keto doesn’t mean you need to deprive yourself of all your guilty pleasures. Starbucks can still cost you $5 a day! You just need to tweak your drinks a bit so they stay Keto friendly.

To customize pick your drink:
-espresso/Americano/black coffee/tea etc 
-add a SUGAR FREE syrup ( optional ) 
-choose your dairy ( optional ) half and half or heavy whipped cream 
-add a protein/fiber powder (optional) or some Stevia/Truvia for that extra kick

Don’t forget everything in moderation. You can kick yourself out of ketosis going over your total carbs. 1 tbsp of heavy whipped is a gram of carb so go easy. A good idea is to add it yourself (sometimes your splash could be different than your favorite barista) or ask for it on the side if your doing drive through!

Iced Coffee with Heavy Cream, NO CLASSIC and Cinnamon on Top

Side note, for our 4 legged friends Starbucks offers free PUPPUCHINOS
A tall cup of the whipped cream for our little companions we have coffee dates with!
Not everyone in the family has to do Keto!