No the Keto flu isn’t the real flu but yes you can still feel like death. It definitely can be unpleasant but the good news is, is that it’s not contagious it will pass.

Your body is becoming fat adapted and in this transition known as the
“Keto flu”  you might feel some of these symptoms:

difficulty focusing
lack of motivation
sugar cravings
muscle cramps

Basically what you’d expect to go through after a hard weekend in Vegas. The good news is not everyone suffers the same, some of you won’t feel these effects at all but for those who do you can help ease your bodies pain by eating foods that are:
Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium Rich Food!  

Salt those foods!

Can definitely help as they are packed with everything your body is lacking. Careful not to over indulge in any of them though, 20g net carbs is the recommended allowance for your body to be in Ketosis and I’m sure you’re suffering through this to get there right? 

The good news- the Keto flu will not last forever it will pass and your body will be adapted to burning fat as it’s source of energy. As long as you stay on track you will not have to go through this again. It also could be a reminder not to cheat as you don’t want to go through it again!!!

In any case though it really isn’t as bad as it sounds, think of it as paying some dues for that new and improved you. Don’t give up you deserve this and you will feel amazing! 

Want a plan that will minimize the effects of keto flu? Lets get started today!