Have you been doing keto for a while now and feel flat at the gym? This is a common problem for individuals doing a keto diet, but you are not alone. Don’t feel like you need to take pre-workout to amplify your workouts since they are loaded with artificial sweeteners and ingredients ideal for your body. There is an EASY fix to this…Sodium. Salt is your friend when it comes to working out fasted. You lose approximately a Teaspoon to one tablespoon of sodium per hour of working out. So the ideal situation is to take a tsp of Himalayan pink salt 15 minutes BEFORE your workout! Try this combo to get the most out of your workouts:

  1. Cup of black coffee
  2. Tsp of Himalayan Pink Salt with Water

You will see a pump because salt is a natural dilator of your veins, so go for gold and get the most out of your gym workout!