Have you tried Magic Spoon yet?? Just had my first taste of Magic Spoon and here is my review:

Upon receiving a box of Magic Spoon’s new Keto-friendly cereal, I have to be honest, I was skeptical that it would be a product I would enjoy. I assumed there would be no way to make a low carb cereal, especially one with only 4g of net carbs, actually taste good. I decided to give it a go and tried the Cinnamon flavor. Much to my surprise, I became an instant fan! The cereal was delicious and reminiscent of cereal I enjoyed as a child. Since practicing a Keto lifestyle for nearly 5 years, it was amazing to finally have cereal again. 
Aside from the amazing flavor, the sweeteners they use are great for Keto. Allulose, one of the sweeteners used, is great considering it doesn’t affect insulin levels nearly as much as plain sugar.
However, one ingredient that I would like to see removed would be the inulin from chicory root. For some this has been known to cause an upset stomach and cause gas. In my opinion, this ingredient can cause issues long term and should be had in moderation. It is one of the last ingredients on the label, however, so this may not be an issue for most people, due to the low levels in the cereal.
Overall, I would love to try all the flavors to see what I would like best. I am excited to finally have a cereal alternative while staying true to the Keto lifestyle. Magic spoon will have a new customer and I look forward to trying more flavors in the near future!

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