So we all know that 10lbs of fat weighs the same as 10lbs of muscle right? Even though the 10lbs of muscle might look and feel A LOT better, the scale doesn’t lie,
10lbs is 10lbs.

The same goes for Keto!

STRICT/LAZY/DIRTY are all Keto terms so what are they?! 

STRICT Keto works best for those of you who are like organized. Your planners, you have all your calories strictly laid out, you probably use a calorie tracker and your absolutely determined to lose those lbs! Nothing goes in your mouth without you knowing exactly what you’re eating.

LAZY Keto doesn’t mean you’re actually lazy it just means you are more flexible with what you consume. You like to keep things simple, you don’t track your calories or macros BUT you are aware of what your carb intake is and you make sure to keep your fats high and your protein moderate. You kind of have the hang of things and you are just aware of what you put into your body.

DIRTY Keto isn’t as bad as it sounds. It just means you’re probably busy. You tend to want simplicity and tend to eat more of what’s available and ready. Probably more fast foods, processed and unhealthy fats. As long as your staying within your macros. You like the flexibility within your diet.

Now that you understand the breakdown of what each term means the question is which is better?

The truth of the matter is whatever works for you is best. Keto is Keto! Of course the fat from a salmon filet is probably better than a burger patty from McDonalds but if you don’t have the time to make it it’s ok! As long as you remember to stay under 20g carbs per day your good. Your body will be in a state of Ketosis and you will get the results your wanting!