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Meet Tsippy Waterman- Calloway!

I was born in Amsterdam, in the Netherlands and moved to Florida when I was fifteen to pursue a professional tennis career. I played professionally for about three years, until I was unfortunately injured. However, I was still very blessed to have been able to play four years of collegiate tennis.

After being active for almost the first 25 years of my life, the change of not playing tennis for six hours daily really affected my body and the weight gain started creeping up on me. Between having a few stressful jobs and a few failed relationships I found myself unhappy and very overweight.

Throughout the years, I have tried every diet and every workout plan, I lost/gained weight but nothing ever stuck. This year, I decided ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and that’s how I ended up here with Keto Elite.

I am a newlywed, and my husband and I lead very active and exciting lifestyles.  In fact, he is my BIGGEST supporter. We love to explore new brunch spots, and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

This weight loss journey isn’t just for me, but it’s for us all – all those who have had a rough time losing and maintaining the weight, all those who are emotional eaters, and for all those who have been doubted. This weight loss journey is for us all!

I am extremely humbled to be able to share my story with you all!

My Keto Weight loss journey is a marathon, not a sprint- Slow and steady wins the race.


Weight: 198 lbs


Weight: 195.8 lbs


Weight: 191.9 lbs


Weight: 187.5 lbs


Weight: 187.4 lbs


Weight: 185.2 lbs


Weight: 184.9 lbs


Weight: 183.3 lbs


FINAL WEIGHT 181.9 lbs
Total Loss 17 lbs!!

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Meet Tsippy

Eating out on Keto

Nine Week Final Thoughts

“Hello! It’s me Tsippy 9 weeks later! I am BEYOND happy and satisfied with my results! Nick has been there with me from the moment I clicked “follow” on Instagram all the way through.. well now! My first week and a half on Keto Elite 9 week meal plan, was a bit hard ( you know getting used to this new lifestyle change isn’t easy!), however with the help and guidance of Nick I was able to adjust a few things, and once week 2 came it was a walk in the park! The meals were super easy to make, tasty, fast and most importantly gave me EVERYTHING I needed to lose weight, stay strong, focused and happy. The reason behind why I wanted to start the meal plan, wasn’t just to lose weight, it was more than that- it was to make a lifestyle CHANGE.. from the inside out- Nick definitely helped me achieve those personal goals. I highly recommend the 9 week meal plan , or really ANY plan from Keto Elite. Nick , I am so grateful for your knowledge , time, support, motivation and the friendship we developed through this time. Thank you for helping me find what I’ve been searching for all along- my inner strength and worth ! Listen guys, if I can do it , so can you!!!”

Tsippy, Past Client

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