30 Day Extreme Plan

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What’s Included:


Meal Plan For your Needs

The 30 day extreme meal plan will have a grocery guide and simple ingredient foods to get you started. This plan includes fasting and a lower calorie range to allow you to get the most out of your results.



Alternative Breakfast Guide

An alternative breakfast guide that will allow to prepare meals you like.


Weight Tracker

Weight tracker will keep you accountable and allow you to track your measurements and weight all while helping you stay consistent.


Starbucks Guide

The Starbucks and coffee guide will give you options to spice up your coffee life. Don’t like coffee, don’t worry there are tea options as well.

These are simple three to five ingredient meals. No recipes or hard to find ingredients. All our plans are structured to fit your lifestyle. This is not just another recipe book, this is a simple style of eating that will allow you to maximize results.

This plan includes fasting and a lower calorie range to allow you to achieve your goals in a quicker time frame. All while seeing the results that you want.

We make this a lifestyle for you, not just a quick fix!

Easy to follow meals that include fasting and a shopping list to allow you get the the most out of the plan! Take all the guess work out!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is the 30 Day Extreme Plan Customized?

No the 30 day plan is not customized, it utilizes fasting and a lower amount of calories to allow for quick weight loss. If you think that you would need a plan that is customized for certain food preferences I would recommend the nine week meal plan or twelve week meal plan.

Does the Plan Come with Personalized Macros?

The macros for this plan are based off 1300 calories, this is just enough calories to give you quick weight loss and still maintain your energy levels!

Why is Fasting Included?

This plan as fasting included to help maximize weight loss! This will push your body to allow for more weight loss.

How Can I upgrade to the customized plans instead?

Yes you can! Just send me an email at ketoelitezone@gmail.com with your order number within 24-48 hours of your purchase and I can give you a one time upgrade discount to offset the plan that you get.

Can I Do the 30 Day Extreme Plan longer than 30 days?

YES! That is perfectly fine! All you have to do is repeat the meals for the next month!

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